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Locksmith Service Vienna VA Vienna, VA 703-646-9199Keys - small in size, yet highly important – are perhaps the single-most components that you use almost on a daily basis. With persistent usage, these keys may undergo wear and tear that will destroy even the most well-built and sturdy-looking keys. A key snapping off is no big a deal, provided it does so in your hands, and you have a spare key that you can use instead. But what if the key broke in lock? With the pieces jammed inside, even a spare key wouldn’t spare you the trouble that will follow after. But worry not, because you have Locksmith Service Vienna VA to bail you out of such a mess in no time! We’re the leaders in providing lock & key services in Vienna, VA area, and can get the broken pieces out in a jiffy without damaging your lock.

What causes a key to break?

As mentioned, like every other manmade object, keys too are susceptible to wearing down with time and constant use. However, there are several other reasons why your key broke in the lock prematurely or without any rough usage. Here’s a look at some of the reasons

      1. Use of cheap materials

Making keys from a hardware store would mean one thing; poor quality, low-end materials are used for the purpose. The keys might work initially but the strain starts to show soon, as they’ll eventually end up snapping at one point with use.

      2. Lack of quality workmanship

A key needs to be crafted with perfection to ensure there are no rough edges or unwanted grooves in it, failing which these irregularities would act as the point of origination of cracks, which will later cause the key to break in the lock.

Key trouble?Call in the experts

If your key broke in the lock, there’s not much you can do! You may perhaps try to pry the lock open and use tools to extract the pieces by yourself – but do so at your own risk! You may end up damaging the lock and invite unnecessary costs for repairs/replacements. Instead of wasting time attempting DIY tricks and complicating something that’s already complicated, pick up the phone and reach out to the experts from Locksmith Service Vienna VA. We provide the best solutions!

Why choose Locksmith Service Vienna VA?

With a key broken in the lock, simply extracting the key is not going to do the trick. For all you know, the lock may have been damaged and rendered inoperable by the fiasco. At Locksmith Service Vienna VA, we won’t just extract the keys carefully, but will also ensure that the lock works properly. In case you don’t have an extra set of keys to operate the lock, our experts can even make a new one for you then and there. Our comprehensive services and super fast solutions makes us an ideal choice for all your locksmithing needs.

If your keybrokein the lock, don’t call anyone else but us at 703-646-9199, because we know broken key extraction better than anyone else!