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Locksmith Service Vienna VA Vienna, VA 703-646-9199A key breaks in the lock and you instantly reach out to the nearest local locksmith to find a solution, but before you that, stop and think if you’re doing the right thing! Rarely can you find technicians with the right expertise, qualification and talent, because most that do function in Vienna, VA area lack even the basic criteria to qualify as a locksmith. Would you trust your lock and key security to them or to an expert locksmith? Choose the latter and experience heightened security and better peace of mind! All you need to do is contact Locksmith Service Vienna VA and tap into the expertise of its highly-trained and experienced professional locksmiths.



Look anywhere in the region, and you’ll find that you have no match to our service levels. With over a decade of service, we’ve become known amongst the masses for our affordable and reliable service. When you call us rest assured that we won’t be the ones suggesting unwanted repairs or replacements.


You don’t want an inexperienced or an amateur working on your locks and keys – you need an expert locksmith! Each member of our team is highly qualified, extensively trained and has hands-on exposure in carrying out any job, be it lock installation or key making.

Technical know-how:

Locksmithing is no easy task! It requires in-depth technical knowledge and also the know-how on operating cutting-edge machinery. Our expert locksmiths are subjected to continuous education programs that make them adept at working on diverse challenges with the most technologically-advanced means.

Competitive price:

We believe in honesty and transparency, striving to ensure that our customer is satisfied every step of the way by ensuring that we provide them the best services at the best prices. Unlike others, our profit margins are very small, which in turn, ensures that our pricing is one of the lowest you can find anywhere in Vienna, VA area.

Mobile Service:

You don’t have to carry your broken lock to our workshop, because with us, the service finds its way to you! Make one phone call and our expert locksmiths will be at your door in less than 20 minutes, thanks to our super fast network of service vans.

Available 24/7: 

What if you’re in urgent need of a spare key and no locksmith shop is open? Don’t worry, because our expert locksmith services are accessible to you on a 24/7 basis. Anytime you call us, we won’t hesitate to help you. What’s more, we don’t charge anything extra for our service either!

Broken lock? Need new lock installation? Seek our expertlocksmith services by calling us now at 703-646-9199!